Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal: Beyond Dentistry We Are Family

For Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal and his team at West Vaughan Dental, family and community are the same.

After more than 20 years of passionate care for their patients, Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal’s West Vaughan Dental has become a longstanding pillar with family ties that spread across the York Region. A family-oriented clinic emphasizing complex dental services while also operating as a general practice.

The clinic has an unwavering focus on advanced dental rehabilitations via orthodontics and implant dentistry that is computer-guided. Above all, its priority has always been to build a family relationship with the community.

This would not be possible without West Vaughan Dental’s very own Mary Carnovale, Office Manager, Neelam Chauhan, Senior Administrator, and Surinder Briaana, Junior Administrator.

An intimate connection is felt by patients the moment they are welcomed by the warmth and positivity of the staff. That intimate connection is developed from them taking the time to get to know their patients for who they and their families are … so much so that Surinder herself, who joined the team last year, was a patient of Dr. Sabharwal for close to 20 years. “It’s special to work with someone that I knew from before. He knows my whole family, and he remembers everything that he’s asked me over the years,” she says.

“We care about patients beyond their dental health. We care about them on a personal level,” says Mary.

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That personal touch has led to 90% of all West Vaughan Dental locations having longstanding patients. Most have been with the clinic since 2001 when Dr. Sabharwal was a promising associate dentist.

“I have been working with Dr. Sabharwal for the last 13 and a half years and I have seen with my own eyes how West Vaughan Dental has grown because of our dedicated customer service and dental care. We always greet them with a smile,” says Neelam.

The power of positive relationships that blossom organically, and in the most unexpected ways, is something special. The West Vaughan Dental team does not take that for granted. Of course, they are known for delivering impeccable smiles through outstanding crowns, bridges, implants, fillings and orthodontic work. Most of all, everybody gets along so well. Patients are offered freshly baked goods regularly – in fact, they have been known to call ahead of time to ask what treats they are getting on the day of their appointment.

Simply put, it is a fun work environment that carries over to the patient experience. “We spend a lot of time together at the clinic so it’s like a second family to us. We work and laugh together. We laugh a lot! And it gets radiated down to the patients, so much so that they want to know what’s so funny,” says Mary.

The West Vaughan Dental team has an exciting future ahead. They are poised to expand and will continue to provide exceptional service to all their patients. Also, they are happy to collaborate with organizations and groups to offer free oral health screenings and hygiene instructions to the public. West Vaughan Dental will also take part in the new Canadian Dental Care Plan initiated by the Government of Canada, to ensure that as many barriers to optimal oral health and overall well-being as possible are reduced for all.

5100 Rutherford Rd. Suite 28, Woodbridge, Ont.


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