The Passion Of Experiences

A new partnership for a Summer Education Program in Italy is the perfect way to once again enjoy the magic of travel and the joy of learning.

Personal experiences. We’ve never needed them more.

The last two-plus years have demonstrated how much we have all missed personal experiences. These past turbulent years have deprived us all of the joy and learning that can only come from the simple act of first-hand personal experiences.

An elevated personal-learning experience is the idea behind a collaboration this summer between the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy, and the Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association of Toronto (CIBPA), which are offering a Summer Education Program to visit Italy and immerse yourself in the culture, heritage and tradition.

“When you can pick up a language, you can better understand the community and the culture,” says Cristiana Panicco, president and founder of the Sant’Anna Institute, formed in 1998 to educate, support and assist international students in becoming active citizens of the world. “Attending a school like ours is a way to belong to the community and become a temporary citizen, and then you can really understand everything that is around you.”

The Summer Education Program is offered in both two-week and four-week blocks, with a variety of personal experiences included in both packages, with basic Italian-language courses being the core of both programs. The cost for the two-week package is $2,830 per person, and the four-week package is priced at $4,000 per person (accommodation not included).

“We were formed so our forefathers collectively had a voice to be able to move forward with their initiatives to integrate into a society and to be able to contribute to that society by forming networks,” says CIBPA president John Lettieri. “And now, here is the opportunity to visit Italy and to come home and say, ‘I get it.’”

The institute also offers summer terms for college students to study abroad, take classes and earn credits, offered for one-month periods in either June or July, or a two-month term for both June and July. Perhaps Cristiana Panicco puts it best when she simply says, “It’s one thing to hear about where you came from. It is another thing entirely to LIVE where you come from and continue the feeling of being Italian and have an Italian heritage.”

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Estelle Zentil

Estelle Zentil