Natalie Kehren: A Guiding Light

It’s time to let your light shine. Meet the holistic health coach who will help you bring out your highest potential.

We are all moulded by moments in our lives, good and bad, that help define who we are. Our experiences have the power to shape us. Whether we allow those moments to define who we are or rise above them is what makes the difference.

For Natalie Kehren, many of her life experiences could’ve dimmed her light, and they did for a time. Having grown up in an alcoholic home and survived abusive relationships, she ultimately turned to addiction to cope. “My world got really dark a lot of times. I had no way to cope. I had no support that felt safe. I honestly thought that everyone was like me, that they understood energy, but I realized that they didn’t … I had to really find ways to crawl out of my own darkness and find my own light and clear my inner debris. I always had an interest in the natural way of life.”

Finding strength within herself, her light eventually came back. Today, she is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Spiritual Energy Specialist, helping others rise from their life experiences so that they can also learn to transform the world around them. Merging her psychic abilities and passion for helping others, Kehren focuses on counselling, bodywork and, specifically, energy healing. We sat down with Kehren to learn more about how she can help us find our light.

Q: How would you describe what you do?
A: When it comes to holistic health, there’s the deeper understanding that every single thing in our body is connected. We have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, a spiritual body and an energetic body — all these bodies work together. In holistic health, one of the foundational beliefs is that everything starts in the energetic world first, and then starts to ripple into the mind and emotion and then shows up physically.

My signature program is an eight-step method that I have curated based on my personal experience, and on my training — very specific steps, ordered sequentially, that help to slowly unravel layers within ourselves to get us closer to our authentic inner light. I clear away that inner debris that holds us back from living to our highest potential. I help you understand who you really are outside of childhood experiences that may have shaped you up until now, and so this is just a way to give them a safe space to access these parts of themselves that we often run from.

Q: Can you share how the quote “When we heal, the world heals” applies to you and your work?
A: The work that I do, and the intention that I hold, is to always help elevate humanity. That really happens in micro ways. When it comes to my clients, we work in their micro world, so that they feed this bigger joyousness, this bigger ecosystem.

Q: You say that you serve as a psychic portal for you to find light in the darkness. Could you explain the psychic portal a bit more?
A: When two humans connect, there is an energy signature that happens. You know, it feels really uncomfortable to be around somebody. It’s because there’s just different frequencies of energies that aren’t really coinciding together. So, energy. One of the laws is that like energy attracts like energy. This is why everyone’s, like, “I need to hang out with my tribe of people who are like-minded.”

When I’m working with a client, my energy signature is just made up in a certain way where I open up a door to the really subtle energies around us. So, I can read them really well. I almost have a portal to a doorway to the other side. So, I receive messages … It’s an energetic reading, and it’s messages of what needs to happen next, or what will happen next, or what’s going on with their body, and connect those doors.

I don’t know what happens quantumly, and I can’t explain it scientifically, but something opens where I’m able to access. And the more open the other person is, the easier it is for me. So, being really centred for the person is important. And then information just comes through.

And then when the session is done, I blow my candle out, and the session is over.

Q: What type of clients come to you? How are you able to connect with people that might not understand the work that you do?
A: I’ve thought about that question so many times. To be totally honest, there does have to be a willingness to change; otherwise, I’m wasting your time. If your resistance is so strong to my approach and what I do and what I offer, then you’re better off doing something else to begin with, and then maybe venturing back to me or finding another path for yourself. I learned a long time ago to not convince those people — I just kind of leave it up to the right place at the right time. There’re usually moments that happen in people’s lives that are either really traumatic, like a relationship loss or a car accident, or something that awakens them to themselves. Then they’re more open to receive a greater understanding and knowledge of themselves. It’s really hard to understand your power and step into it. And it’s scarier to do that for all of us than to just stay small and stay in your little world of safety and comfort.

“The work that I do, and the intention that I hold, is to always help elevate humanity”

Q: How do you protect your energy?
A: It took me a long time, to be honest, but it’s understanding my own energetic limits. After a session, if it was a lot for me, I have to do something afterward for my energetic well-being or energetic health. Just like you would eat food on a regular basis, I do the thing that helps me bring it all back and clear out the energy. Sometimes it’s sleeping a lot. Sometimes it’s grounding with earthy foods, the things that grow under the earth, like potatoes and carrots, and things like a nice stew that just help me ground. Sometimes it’s a shower. I shower quite often each day because it helps me. The water helps cleanse my energy field.

Q: How has motherhood changed the way that you work with people?
A: It’s given me really great insights into childhood experiences. Because I’ve had to learn a lot about how to consciously parent my son, I now know what that means and how important that is. Because I’ve had to do more research on that, I show up as much as I can really mindfully for my son.

Q: What is one thing that everyone can do to improve their lives significantly, if you had one piece of advice?
A: Focus on your energetic health and well-being and instill practices that, just like you eat food every day and you drink water every day, you get enough sleep and you take your supplements, focus on the awareness around your energy and how you feel leaving a situation or being around somebody. Be more mindful and aware of your energetic well-being.

Q: What’s one product you can’t live without?
A: Crystals — I can’t live without them. I love them and I need them. And plants. I think it would be really hard in my life if I didn’t have crystals in every corner and hiding in plant pots and my plants everywhere because they absorb the energy, and they cleanse the space for me.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
A: My favourite thing is my ability to see people beyond what they show me. It helps me a lot in creating connections that are deep and understanding humanity on a whole new level. It helped open my heart to compassion and expand my heart centre in a way that elevates me and helps me do what I do today.

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