Mimi Bouchard: Listen up, your best self is on the way

Can a 26-year-old really support millions of people in their daily lives? Yes! Mimi Bouchard, the found-er of Superhuman, an eight-figure meditation app, and host of the MIMI podcast has already helped others to carve out a more fulfilling life. And this young entrepreneur is happy to share her inspiring journey.

One person can really make a difference in the world, especially if they parlay their experience into inspiration that can help others live life to the fullest. “I never set out to be an expert in personal development, it was just a natural step forward in my life at the time,” says Mimi Bouchard. Little did she know how her transformation, forged in hardship, would end up impacting many, many lives around the world.

In fact, not even 10 years ago no one would have believed it, especially not Bouchard herself, who wasn’t in a good place. Originally from Toronto, Bouchard moved to London, England, when she was 19. “I was partying, drinking a lot, doing drugs, and I was in the wrong crowd,” she says. “I was doing all these things to numb myself because there was something deeply wrong.” She didn’t feel good about herself physically and her mental health wasn’t in great shape either. Self-conscious, un-happy, and living with severe anxiety, which actually started even earlier, when she was a young teen, Bouchard was working at odd jobs and developing an online magazine, trying to earn enough money to pay her rent. At one point, she had eight dollars in her bank account. When she missed the bus for work one morning, she was worried she’d lose her job. She called her sister, who was living in Australia at the time, who called an Uber for her from her phone, which was maybe a six- or seven-dollar fare.

Bouchard figured out how to turn her life around. “I started sharing what worked for me, and I started discovering this formula for transformation,” she says. She put the focus on her mental health and her physical self, creating close relationships with family and friends (including dating Ben Darby, now her fiancé) and getting her finances in order. Since then, she’s started many different businesses, but it’s Superhuman, her meditation app, that has truly resonated with people.

In a world bursting with meditation apps, what makes this app so great? Well, it’s a bit of a disruptor in the industry, pioneering a new approach to meditation that’s guided by neuroscience. Basically, Superhuman meditations connect new thoughts with everyday actions to live your best life. So, no sitting around for 20 minutes in the morning or evening and adding do meditation to your to-do list. There’s a Superhuman meditation for practically every minute of the day, from grocery shopping to working out and everything in between. But don’t worry, Superhuman also has morning meditations to set intentions for the day, and relaxing bedtime meditations are also available. “We’re really creating a new category of sound – it’s functional audio that you can listen to, like you listen to music and pod-casts, but it has a deep, guided personal development approach to it,” says Bouchard.

Bouchard is committed to her personal brand, including a weekly podcast, MIMI, which features segments on motivation, success, personal development, relationships, health and wellness; along with in-person events and retreats, and online courses. It’s a fast pace, but she’s driven by her core belief that “the infinite pursuit of progress is the most satisfying thing.” Bouchard offers her top three tips to leading a more fulfilled life: first, identify the kind of life you desire. Then figure out the type of person that lives that kind of life — what that person does, how that person thinks, the self-image of that person — and finally, you will become like that person. As you start making the same kinds of deci-sions that person makes, you’ll start working like that person, thinking like that person, speaking like that person, and you will become your future self. “The trick is to become your future self before you create the life that you desire, because that is how you create the life that you desire,” she says.

Right now, Bouchard is living her best life, excited about recent events — like her engagement. And she’s not afraid of a little adventure, either. When the pandemic started, she and Darby decided to move to the Bahamas. “We wanted to live a more relaxed kind of life,” she says simply. She misses Toronto, and being around family, but they have big plans for the future, including buying a flat in London, building their own place in the Bahamas, and spending more time with family and friends. As for her personal goals, there’s a lot of joy coming her way. Like planning a wedding!


Interview by Estelle Zentil

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