Canada MedLaser Clinics: The Fusion Of Aesthetics, Transformation And Confidence

Canada MedLaser Clinics is a medical aesthetics clinic franchise whose reputation is as incredible as your results.

Medical aesthetic treatments have become incredibly popular, thanks to celebrities and public figures highlighting the incredible results that can be achieved from these procedures. Long gone are the days of secrecy around cosmetic augmentation. We are now welcoming, embracing and celebrating all the incredible results these services have to offer. With aesthetic treatments now being advertised to the public in full transparency, there is an influx of spas and clinics offer a variety of services. Here is the takeaway: do your research. It is essential to do your due diligence when it comes to medical aesthetic services, treatments and their respective providers.

Canada MedLaser’s commitment to excellence, superior results and positive experience are what differentiates the company from other aesthetic providers. Whether you are looking to get laser hair removal, Botox or PRP®, selecting an experienced and established clinic is a must. Canada MedLaser Clinics offers a multitude of services, treatments and procedures that will have you looking — and feeling — your very best. These include laser hair removal, CoolSculpting®, cosmetic injections such as Botox® and Dysport®, PRP® Hair Restoration and skin treatments.

Indulge in the intersection of beauty, aesthetics, confidence and self-care in a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment. Since 2014, Canada MedLaser has been proudly serving clients across Ontario with over 12 locations, offering easy access to premium medical aesthetic services. It is recognized as the top medical aesthetic provider in Ontario and has the most trained medical aesthetic team in the GTA.

Margarita Frumin, a Medical Aesthetician and Growth and Development Manager at Canada MedLaser, has been working in the industry since 2011. With superior expertise and a deep passion for all the treatments offered at Canada MedLaser, she has been instrumental in the success and leadership of the brand.

Canada MedLaser Clinics has become known for its variety of services, including laser treatments. “Lasers are capable of doing so much more than just hair removal,” says Frumin.

Other treatments recommended by Frumin are micro-needling and fractional skin resurfacing, both drastically improving the overall look, texture and feel of the skin. Both treatments have been around for a while and continue to be popular with many clients due to how effective they are. By safely inflicting dermal injury barely noticeable to the visible eye, you trigger a natural response of collagen rushing to the surface to begin self-repair, and, by doing this, you have naturally self-induced collagen production. Frumin recommends these treatments to anyone looking for a natural way to improve their skin’s appearance. Canada MedLaser Clinics also offers Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP®) Therapy, which is used for both skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. PRP® Therapy uses injections of a patient’s own platelets, which, in turn, accelerates and promotes healing.

According to Frumin, anyone can benefit from PRP® Therapy, even those with healthy skin and hair. The therapy is a natural and healthy alternative to filler and yields natural-looking results. Microneedling, fractional skin resurfacing and PRP® skin rejuvenation provide the most dramatic and natural results that many patients are looking for.

Canada MedLaser is on trend. In the clinic, they have successfully incorporated more natural, self-healing treatment methods and protocols, while “using machines and devices to naturally manipulate your body into doing what is intended,” Frumin shares. Their top-selling treatments, such as micro-needling and CoolSculpting® are perfect examples. These treatments provide incredible results, all non-surgical and minimally invasive, as well as free of injection and foreign objects in the body.

“The Most Rewarding Part Of This Career Is Seeing Satisfied Clients Coming Back. We Have Had People Write Testimonies That We Have Changed Their Lives And Helped Them Improve Their Confidence”

Equally hot on the market and desired by many clients, Canada MedLaser is a proud provider of medical cosmetic injectable services, such as filler, Botox®, Dysport® and Belkyra®, a new, exciting treatment that is used for eliminating and reducing skin fat and double chins.

Visiting Canada MedLaser in person is a must. Their philosophy is more than just being service providers. They are the skin and body game-changers. It is about passion, collaboration, goal-setting, experience and real, lasting results. “The most rewarding part of this career and industry is seeing satisfied clients, both new and returning,” says Frumin. She also shared how instrumental and evocative patient testimonials are. “We have had people write testimonies that we have changed their lives and helped them improve their confidence,” says Frumin.

Looking to the future, when choosing a medical aesthetic service practitioner, it is crucial to opt for one that uses FDA- and Health Canada-approved technologies. Do not cut corners when it comes to your body and beauty.

Whether you are interacting with the company’s Customer Care Team, Clinic Director or Medical Aestheticians, you will be provided with a five-star experience. The company values certification, experience and expertise in its selective hiring process. They choose only qualified medical aestheticians and registered nurses, beyond Canadian legal requirements.

Canada MedLaser has expansion plans. As industry leaders and game-changers, Canada MedLaser is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry, continually updating its services and meeting the evolving needs and wishes of its clients. With a team that truly cares about its clients’ satisfaction and wellbeing, Canada MedLaser is poised for continued success in the years ahead.

200 Whitmore Rd., Unit 17/18, Woodbridge, Ont.

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