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05 May 2022

Morellina: The Italian Restaurant Using Food To Create Seasonal Ensembles

While the co-founders of Morellina’s describe their restaurant’s style as “modern Italian,” for both, it’s more about breaking tradition. Before they founded their Italian restaurant, Morellina’s, Sandra Morelli and Lina Hatem were living different lives. Where Morelli came from a family of pasta makers, Hatem was teaching piano, interested in

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05 May 2022

Breath Of Inspiration

Photo: Benjamin Kaufmann.Production/Styling: Oliver Rauh.Digital Operator: Vincenzo Buscemi.Makeup/Hair: Vangelis Tzimikas / Fame Agency.Muse: Vicky / Miha Model Management

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05 May 2022

Editor’s Picks: May/June Edition

When life gives you EVOO and honey, you make the most out of it — same goes with the rest of our curated picks; enjoy. 1. RECYCLED FASHION Embossed with gold buttons, this emerald blazer features a lapel collar and long sleeves with shoulder pads, giving us all the ’80s

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05 May 2022

Laura Hay: Designing Homes And Hideaways

How Laura Hay transformed an existing Ontario family cottage home into a modern retreat. Growing up, Laura Hay was surrounded by creativity and business. Her passion was found in design and decor, with a seamstress grandmother, decor and gift-shop-owner mother and yarn-manufacturer father, operating his business with 500 employees. It’s

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05 May 2022

Skye Katz: Reach For The Skye

Meet luxury florist Skye Katz, known for her chic bloom designs. Her creations are strikingly bold and beautiful and make a statement in any room — just like her. Nothing compares to the feeling of receiving a beautiful arrangement of flowers. No matter the occasion, they are a thoughtful, elegant

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