Tasios Orthodontics: Shine Your Brightest With A Tasios Smile

Tasios Orthodontics is proud to announce its 10th anniversary of artistically crafting beautiful smiles.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” says Dr. Bruce Tasios of Tasios Orthodontics. For a decade, Dr. Tasios’s clinic has continually upheld the highest standards of the art and science of orthodontics by settling for nothing less than perfection. In the process, Tasios Orthodontics has become a multi-award- winning clinic in the industry, bestowed with honours including the Top Choice Award as the best orthodontic clinic in the city (an award voted on by patients), Diamond+ Top 1% Invisalign Provider and the diamond winner of the Vaughan Citizen’s Readers’ Choice.

Above all else, Dr. Tasios and his highly trained team are fuelled by passion. Every day, they pour their hearts and souls into every smile they create, and thousands of people in the community have trusted them to give them the smile of their dreams.

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“My staff play a huge role in creating a special experience. They’re all incredibly skilled and great to interact with. Whether it’s in the clinic or we’re hosting our community events, they make everyone’s experience better. We are one big family,” he says.

What is on the horizon for Tasios Orthodontics? “Continuing to do what we do best by giving everyone who walks in the most beautiful smile and to continuing to be involved in our community. I’ll start treating a patient with a younger sibling, and years will go by, and the next thing you know that sibling is getting treated for braces. So, being able to grow with so many different families is amazing,” says Dr. Tasios.

Tasios Orthodontics has established itself as a philanthropic pillar in the community by offering support where it can. As well as giving back to education, the orthodontic practice is a proud sponsor of local sports teams, community events, charities and educational programs.

Dr. Bruce Tasios does more than create smiles. He leads his staff by example. He shows everyone how fulfilling life can be when a passion is pursued with hard work and dedication. Moreover, he instills those values in Tasios Orthodontics Clinic, making it a place where the pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction are paramount.

3611 Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 1, Vaughan, Ont.
2085 Lawrence Ave. E., Unit 7, Toronto, Ont.


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