Access Rehab: Not All Lasers Are Created Equal

Access Rehab Injury Clinic delivers state-of- the-art patient care with class 4 lasers.

Many do not know the differences between laser machine classifications, which reflect the quality of treatment. For Jim Anagnostopoulos, Clinic Director of Access Rehab Injury Clinic, class matters. Access Rehab Injury Clinic is regarded as North Toronto’s premier physiotherapy and rehab clinic because of its long-standing commitment to quality patient-recovery treatment using a state-of- the-art class 4 laser machine.

Approved by Health Canada, class 4 lasers provide fast and effective pain relief for the deepest, most chronically inflamed injuries by penetrating deeper into tissue than traditional clinical lasers. Moreover, they are 30 times more powerful than the typical clinical cold or low-level class 3 laser.

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“We’re proud to offer our patients in the Vaughan area access to this evidence-based laser therapy treatment option, reinforcing our mission to deliver best-in-class care,” says Anagnostopoulos. “We are seeing tremendous results in successfully treating injuries and conditions such as calcified shoulder tendonitis, chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis, fractures and post-surgical knee repair.”

Now accepting new patients, Access Rehab is offering complimentary physiotherapy consultations for patients interested in class 4 laser therapy. This initial consultation includes a full medical screening, a detailed mapping of pain points and injuries and a discussion of possible treatment options at no cost to the patient.

York Major Medical Centre
191 McNaughton Rd. East, Suite 303,
Vaughan, Ont.

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