CIBC: The Team That Supports Your Financial Success

CIBC Wood Gundy Senior Wealth Advisor Sugi Kumaresan and his team make high-net-worth money management stress-free.

A comfortable future begins with financial security. Sugi Kumaresan and his team at CIBC Wood Gundy possess several decades of financial experience and are changing the narrative of how to effectively grow your wealth.

Sugi and his team use a comprehensive approach to help manage, build, and protect their clients’ wealth.

Along with Sugi, Associate Wealth Advisor Michelle Rowe, Wealth Advisor Paul Mannu, and Client Associate Angela Diamanti pride themselves on their affluent client base, team chemistry, bespoke investment advice and portfolio construction.

“We have always lived by pride, leadership, and joy. We are proud of the work we do – everyone on the team is a leader and we have fun doing it,” says Sugi.

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Paul adds, “As a team, we are very cohesive because there is no overlap with what we do. We all stick to our strengths and each of us brings out our best.”

Their clients continue to rely on them because of their unwavering commitment to their three-pillar investment philosophy of helping to grow assets: strategic asset allocation, a disciplined investment approach and conservative, tax-efficient income strategies.

They stress that building a well-rounded and diversified portfolio with patience is key. By combining equities, fixed income and alternatives in different ways, each portfolio strategy they offer is unique.

Tactical asset allocation, active versus passive investing and portfolio rebalancing are other strategies in their arsenal that consistently show their clients that their portfolios are adaptable to market conditions.

Investing is not a race, and their patience has been proven to optimize their clients’ portfolio performance over time. How so? Because a client’s long-term goals are aligned with meaningful investments to achieve results.

You can strive to meet your financial goals with their innovative solutions because they are designed to meet your specific needs. But they offer more than just investment advice: by leveraging the expertise of their partners across CIBC Private Wealth, they can connect you to a full range of products and services, including:

  • Estate preservation
  • Insurance counsel
  • Corporate and personal tax integration and advice
  • Business succession and transition planning
  • Multigenerational family wealth consultation
  • Strategic philanthropy, foundations and legacy advice
  • Financial fluency for younger generations
  • Private banking services, i.e., bespoke lending
  • Commercial banking services

To truly understand what growing wealth is, you’ll need to meet Sugi Kumaresan and his team at CIBC Wood Gundy; maximizing cash flow, minimizing tax leakage and drawdowns and maintaining your purchasing power are what they can help you with.

Your money deserves to make money.

For more information on this topic, please contact Sugithan Kumaresan, CFP, CIM, Senior Wealth Advisor, CIBC Private Wealth, Wood Gundy 4110 Yonge Street Suite 600 Toronto Ont. | 416-229-5866 | | @cibc “CIBC Private Wealth” consists of services provided by CIBC and certain of its subsidiaries through CIBC Private Banking; CIBC Private Investment Counsel, a division of CIBC Asset Management Inc. (“CAM”); CIBC Trust Corporation; and CIBC Wood Gundy, a division of CIBC World Markets Inc. (“WMI”). CIBC Private Banking provides solutions from CIBC Investor Services Inc. (“ISI”), CAM and credit products. CIBC Private Wealth services are available to qualified individuals. Insurance services are only available through CIBC Wood Gundy Financial Services Inc. In Quebec, insurance services are only available through CIBC Wood Gundy Financial Services (Quebec) Inc. The CIBC logo and “CIBC Private Wealth” are trademarks of CIBC, used under license. “Wood Gundy” is a registered trademark of CIBC World Markets Inc. This information, including any opinion, is based on various sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change. CIBC and CIBC World Markets Inc., their affiliates, directors, officers and employees may buy, sell, or hold a position in securities of a company mentioned herein, its affiliates or subsidiaries, and may also perform financial advisory services, investment banking or other services for, or have lending or other credit relationships with the same. CIBC World Markets Inc. and its representatives will receive sales commissions and/or a spread between bid and ask prices if you purchase, sell or hold the securities referred to above. © CIBC World Markets Inc. 2024.
Clients are advised to seek advice regarding their particular circumstances from their personal tax and legal advisors.
Sugi Kumaresan is an Investment Advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy in Toronto. The views of Sugi Kumaresan do not necessarily reflect those of CIBC World Markets Inc. If you are currently a CIBC Wood Gundy client, please contact your Investment Advisor.


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