RZ Interiors: Sleek And Contemporary Style

With intelligent planning, quality craftsmanship and the finest materials, Thornhill’s RZ Interiors creates custom-built, beautiful and functional interior spaces.

Since March 2020, not only have we been paying closer attention to where we live, but also perhaps, more importantly, how we live, and this may be raising some questions: “Did we really choose that colour many years ago? Given our daily life flow, why did we put the kitchen island there?”

These are questions that Bahar Zaeem and Shima Radfar, founders and partners of RZ Interiors, a respected interior design studio in Thornhill, Ont., have heard many times — though, this year it seems the self-examination by homeowners has certainly been increasing.

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“Clients are looking for budget-friendly and efficient solutions, and the pandemic has caused that,” says Radfar. “We have lots of clients in Toronto, across Canada, even the United Kingdom, and this is a very common goal.”

Global clients approached RZ Interiors because of an innovative approach by the team to provide an online design service at the start of the pandemic due to in-person meeting restrictions. “This allows clients fast space planning solutions for their existing living environment, as most of the communication is done on virtual platforms,” says Zaeem. “Regardless of the times, clients still want new looks or to touch up their existing homes. We are seeing a lot of renovations going on during this time.”

Founded in 2017, RZ Interiors has become a respected leader in the interior design field within the Greater Toronto Area by adhering to a simple yet fundamental core value to design interiors that are functional, aesthetically beautiful and wholly personalized. To that end, in any of their designs, it is of paramount importance that Zaeem and Radfar first understand how their client lives, not only day to day, but also in their entertaining style.

“We ask clients to send us pictures about how they actually live, and don’t tidy up first,” says Zaeem. “We ask them about their lifestyles: ‘Do you work at home? Do you want kids? Do you host big parties? Do you order in or love cooking?’ It’s all about how to make their space work for them, to refine their current home to fit their lifestyles.”

These client questionnaires are important in uncovering such small but key elements to everyday living, such as asking what they store in cabinets, how much countertop space or storage space is needed or, if they are art lovers, planning appropriate space to showcase and celebrate their art.

RZ Interiors’s designer team begins each project with a client’s brief and concept for their space. They then work alongside architects and engineers involved in any project to prepare interior layouts and construction drawing sets, which result in homes that are harmonious, artful and authentic. RZ Interiors’s reputation in the industry is that it embraces fine finishes, quality craftsmanship and intelligent planning, which improve the lives of its clients with beautiful yet functional design.

A perfect example of RZ Interiors’s work is a recent collaboration with a developer on a 4,400-square-foot home north of Woodbridge, Ont., which was built on-spec and is currently on the market. They took an existing 1970s-era home and completely reimagined it for contemporary living. Given its 1970s bones, this home needed to be opened up, and given that no one is living there, Zaeem and Radfar created a “fictional family,” based on the neighbourhood.

“We gave ourselves our client questionnaire, as we had to imagine how the family would live [in order] to create the concept and overall theme,” recalls Zaeem. “The central staircase was the biggest challenge, as we needed a design solution to fit in with our open floor plan. We proposed open riser steps to create transparency and allow plenty of natural light to flood the main floor.”

The home has the sleek, cool and contemporary look RZ Interiors specializes in. “The materials selected and details involved make it that way, along with the lighting solutions and large windows, which invite nature inside,” says Radfar. “We used wide width white oak engineered hardwood flooring, and a richly veined stone to create a stylish yet durable floor in the kitchen. And the whole space is so bright and very welcoming.”

Each client is distinctive, and RZ Interiors develops each living environment with personalized, one-on-one service to customize every home. As Zaeem says, “Every home is a different story that we want to tell in a different and unique way.”

7368 Yonge St., Suite 302, Thornhill, Ont.
647-834-6547 / 647-298-9031


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