The Most Awarded Non-Alcoholic Lyre’s Spirits Recreate World’s Best-Selling Cocktails

Founded in 2019, Lyre’s is a premium non-alcoholic spirit company recently launched in Canada. The idea of the brand is not simply to provide an alternative to those who do not consume alcohol, but to ensure everyone can enjoy the mirth and merriment of a soirée or shading. 

Each Lyre’s spirit resembles the original in terms of appearance and flavour. The only difference from your classic favourites is the absence of the giggle juice. Lyre’s spirits give an opportunity to choose between replacing some of the hard liquor in a drink in order to make a low-alcohol Lyre’s and creating a non-alcoholic version of your favourite cocktail. 

In a partnership with one of the world’s most advanced beverage technology companies, Lyre’s found the perfect combination of ingredients and adapted to the new consumers’ preferences. With an extensive range of spirits capable of recreating 90% of the world’s best-selling cocktails, no-, low- and sans-alcohol Lyre’s allows everyone to drink their way

Replacing a base liquor with Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits and adding some other flavoured ingredients, like aromatic bitter, white sugar syrup, lemon or orange juice, is an easy way to recreate well-known delicious cocktails. From a Lyre’s Manhattan to an Old-Fashioned to an Amaretti Sour, these fantastic well-balanced masterpieces act as perfect alternatives to the classic mixed drinks. 

The Lyre’s Manhattan is the Midnight Cowboy of cocktails (minus poor Dustin Hoffman dying in the back of a Greyhound bus). Start with a big pour of American Malt — that’s the country boy trying to make his way in the Big Apple — then throw in some fruity, slightly bitter local, then stir and, finally, serve. Four easy steps to make your own masterpiece.


60 mL Lyre’s American Malt
15 mL Lyre’s Apéritif Rosso 
2 dashes Aromatic Bitters 

Stir briefly with ice, strain 

Cocktail coupette 

Maraschino cherry

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Anastasiia Horbulova

Anastasiia Horbulova