Fight for a Cure 

This year marks its third annual fundraising event, with close to $25,000 raised in honour of those who are fighting and who have lost their battle to cancer.

Recently, Sophia Rossi and her family held their third annual fundraising event in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The event, which involved more than 30 sponsors, both in-kind and monetary, sold over 200 tickets. 

The Fight for a Cure event was prompted by Rossi’s father, Gino Rossi, who was treated at The Princess Margaret following a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in September 2019. Thanks to the support and treatment from the hospital, Rossi’s father is cancer-free and in remission today. 

“This journey has shaped me into the person I am today. When my father was first diagnosed, I did not believe that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. I kept imagining the worst outcome, and that was because of one simple word, ‘cancer’.  All of us here have heard it, whether you have gone through it yourselves or you have known someone who had. We all have one person in mind when we see or hear that word. For me, that is my father. Pancreatic cancer patients are known to have a 5% chance of survival rate, an odd that is not very high. My father was that 5%. He is the reason why I put on this event and for the many other individuals who have or are currently going through it. From starting with a negative situation, it has led to a positive outcome in many ways.”

With inflatables and food trucks on-site, lawn games, a postcard for patients area, a guest speaker, a small superhero wall showcasing those who have battled cancer, raffle prizes and a live auction, the event was a true success. 

“When I first started this event back in 2020, my initial goal was to give back to the hospital that was treating my father … to thank them in the way I know how. From that event, I saw the impact it had on those who attended. It brought light during the unprecedented time we were going through, and that is the vision that I continue to carry on. We all are here because of the impacts that cancer creates, and yet we all are happy to be here. To be here with you all together today, enjoying life, while supporting a great cause, is an experience you cannot re-create. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Held on August 14, 2022, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Caledon Valley Estate Barn, Rossi and her family raised close to $25,000.00 for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. 

Initially held on August 14, 2020, the event has grown within the past two years and has been a proud moment for Rossi to see her vision become a reality after months of planning. This event is for all those individuals — and their families — who have battled, who are fighting or who have lost their battle to cancer. They are the true definition of a superhero. 

“Through this experience, I was fortunate to meet a lot of amazing individuals. From family members who have watched their loved ones battle cancer to those individuals who have battled it themselves, they each have their own story. Currently, I have someone in my life whose parent is battling cancer. The moment they told me, it took me back to the day when I was first told of the news of my dad, and all I could say to them was that ‘I am here for you’.  I told them the journey will not be easy, but that you are not alone. This event is a reiteration of that. We are all here supporting the same cause, and that is to conquer cancer.”


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