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Offering the industry’s most sophisticated sales and marketing strategies to new home and condo clients has made Team 2000 a success throughout the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe.

Expertise seems to have become a word thrown about somewhat easily these days – especially in our nanosecond world where “tradition” passes for anything extending beyond a best-before date. But real expertise is much more and much deeper, and acquiring it does not come easily. It takes time, effort, hard work, passion, dedication, skill and knowledge to develop expertise in any chosen field. These are all attributes Tony Bova and his team at the Team 2000 Realty Inc. Brokerage in Vaughan, Ont., have in abundance when it comes to the selling and marketing of new homes and condos in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and throughout the Golden Horseshoe.

It helps that real estate is in Tony Bova’s DNA. His father, Domenic Bova Sr., was a top Realtor® for more than 40 years, a multiple award-winner. Tony followed in his father’s footsteps and, while he started in resales 35 years ago, he was soon given the opportunity to transfer to new homes, where he started as a new home real estate brokerage. He was able to identify a need in the marketplace for what he had to offer as an individual.

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“I really felt I knew what I was talking about, and builder/developers were comfortable with my abilities to take things to the next level,” says Tony, in recalling his early years in the business. “That’s where I found my niche to build my own brokerage based upon the new-home expertise I had developed. I started to train my staff on how to sell and market new homes. From that, I developed what I am today — a specialist in the selling and marketing of new homes and condos across the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe.”

The mission of Team 2000 is to provide its clients with a comprehensive approach to the sales and marketing of residential properties, and this comes from a team of motivated specialists who are committed and focused to consistently deliver superior results. The company’s slogan is “Together, everyone achieves more, (TEAM).”

“As a new-home sales and marketing specialist, the more confident you are with your product and what you’re selling, the more confident you’ll be in explaining it to your client,” says Tony. “And the only way you can properly and accurately answer all of your client’s questions is to understand the process and understand your product.”

Rising to become one of the leading independent sales reps and marketers of new homes in southern Ontario is the result of Team 2000’s focus on building relationships and keeping them, thinking long term and also delivering on the superior results their clients demand through some of the most sophisticated and innovative sales and marketing strategies in the industry.

And the results show this strategy has worked. Over its decades in business, Team 2000 Realty Inc. Brokerage has sold more than 25,000 homes and worked with more than 30 builders/developers at more than 250 different projects across southern Ontario. That is reach, that is reputation, and those are results.

As a group of expedient and professional experts, Team 2000 has a reputation of getting top dollar for its clients and outperforming the marketplace, not only through its knowledge, hard work and dedication, but also because of the suite of services it offers its clients across the full range of the real estate industry.

With its knowledge of lands inside and outside the GTA, coupled with its networks across Ontario, Team 2000 does the required research, due diligence and legwork to assemble a list of prime properties available for the consideration of builders and developers. And once the purchaser has selected the best for its needs, Team 2000 can help them broker the best deal to make it a reality.

Understanding the marketplace for a new home development and designing it to fit the target market is another skill Team 2000 brings to its clients. By working alongside architectural teams, Team 2000 lends its expertise and taste in interior design, providing the research and recommendations in selecting the right style, features and finishes to appeal to today’s buyers.

This has become especially necessary today with the new emphasis on home offices, smart-home technologies and the new emphasis on transitional space required for the emerging work-at-home realities. We may be working at home, but at certain points in our 24-hour day, we don’t want to live where we work.

Beyond just the crucial behind-the-scenes necessities, such as land acquisition and product design, Team 2000 is also front and centre when it comes to assisting clients with strategic marketing and, ultimately, the end game of turning land, product design and marketing into sales.

Team 2000 can set up a builder’s/ developer’s sales office by staffing it with the ideal, customer-driven and results-oriented sales team schooled in customer service. They also work with in-house marketing teams or ad agencies to develop the correctly targeted themes, advertising and promotional campaigns for any project. As always, and for every project, the goal is to achieve the client’s sales goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

“We help developers and builders develop a marketing theme, community presence and branding, and then we bring in our sales team to get the sales,” says Tony. “We put the builders and developers of new homes and condos together with the end-users — the buyers. And we deal with first-time buyers, move-up buyers, empty-nesters and investors.”

Dealing with both builders/developers and the end-users can sometimes be a delicate balance; however, Team 2000 has that necessary expertise to make results happen for both parties.

While some in real estate have lamented the move to the new reality of structured, appointment-only business because of the pandemic, here, once again, Team 2000 was already ahead of the curve.

“Even prior to COVID-19, Team 2000 was the leaders in private appointments,” says Tony. “Something I developed a few years ago where we started promoting projects by appointment only. It made us very exclusive, and we were able to spend more one-on-one time with each client. We created white-glove service, and so when the COVID pandemic came, we were already prepared. And we not only offer that white-glove service to our builder clients, but also to all of our end-user clients.”

Tony’s No. 1 recommendation regarding real estate is simple. “Buy now and buy new. Real estate always goes up.”

Thirty-five years in real estate is a long time. But it’s the only way to acquire the skills, knowledge, insight and acumen needed to succeed for your clients, as this is an industry where shortcuts cannot be taken. And those years are the only way Tony Bova and Team 2000 Realty Inc. have developed that irreplaceable expertise needed to reach and thrive at top of the industry.

7611 Pine Valley Dr. Suite #38, Vaughan, Ont.

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