Pamela Ventresca: P2 Realty Inc.

Providing trusted and knowledgeable real estate services during turbulent times.

It seems we’ve been seeking trust and knowledge more than ever this year — for guidance, information and explanation – both for the little daily things and life’s big decisions. It somehow feels that directions chosen today will have a greater impact on our tomorrow.

In so many ways, real estate has become elevated as part of those discussions this year — not only in how we use our homes for life, work and play, but also where we live. It may explain the incredible strength of the residential real estate market during the pandemic, and providing that trust, guidance and knowledge is Pamela Ventresca, founder and CEO of P2 Realty, and her team, a full-service brokerage with hands-on and personalized service when we need it the most.

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“People are increasingly interested in making sure their lives are co-ordinated ‘now’ because the pandemic happened so quickly,” says Pamela. “There is a sense of urgency rising out of anxiety, as people find themselves realizing that time is more precious than ever. And that’s where our team has been focusing, helping guide clients through the storm of confusion when it comes to the most important decision of finding the perfect home and finding their sense of security.”

P2 Realty’s roots grew from PACE Developments, a family-owned builder of award-winning homes and condos in the GTA, when they decided to bring the buying-and-selling side of new homes in-house three years ago, in 2017. As a boutique agency with just over 20 brokers, P2 Realty has impressively managed over $525 million in sales transactions of more than 1,200 properties. Given its background in the building/development industry, P2 has the inside scoop on pre-construction sales of new projects, another added benefit for its clients.

As COO of PACE and as a busy mother of four under the age of 10, Pamela understands the value of the family home, especially in this turbulent time, right from the beginning of the home-building process to the point of sale. “The family home is the most important purchase families will make in their lifetime, and the emotional aspect of it plays a huge factor, and the pandemic has accentuated that,” she observes. “Today, it’s outside space that is valued, a home where families can walk outside their door, take a breath and clear their minds. A backyard for their children to enjoy and just be kids. The shift in priorities has been immense and the grassroots family values have had a resurgence that everyone is still learning to adapt to.”

P2 prides itself on making clients feel like family. “We provide a one-on-one experience, and clients appreciate that,” says Pamela. “They become part of our P2 family. When selecting agents to join our team, they have to fit into our company culture, it’s non-negotiable, so we can continue to provide the service and shape our brand as we grow and move forward for years to come.”

Big decisions have taken on greater importance these days, and may have even more impact and consequences in the uncertain years ahead. Pamela Ventresca and her team at P2 Realty are committed to giving you confidence that a real estate decision at this opportune time is made with informed experts with your best interest at heart — now and for the future.

30 Wertheim Crt., Unit 4, Bldg A, Richmond Hill, Ont.

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