Nicola Wealth: Sharing The Pie

When it comes to helping clients maximize their philanthropic efforts and create a legacy that matters, Nicola Wealth’s tools are unrivalled.

When explaining what sets Nicola Wealth apart from other wealth advisory firms, Robert Valenzano, principal of advisory services, says it comes down to four Ps: philosophy, people, product and philanthropy.

“That’s a good way of describing it,” he says. “We’re a wealth management firm that understands the high-net-worth family in Canada. We do that by taking the time to know what’s most important when it comes to planning, and understand the nuances around tax, insurance and estate planning. We understand business owners and all the dynamics that come with running a business here, particularly when generations of family are involved.”

However, what truly sets Nicola Wealth apart is its commitment to purpose and ensuring their clients are creating both personal and professional legacies that matter. It’s an ethos that started with its founder, John Nicola, and filters through to the company’s value of “sharing the pie,” where sharing is deeply embedded in every part of the business, from sharing expertise with clients to supporting local and regional communities.

“Though it’s different for each client, philanthropy has an impact on every family we work with,” Valenzano continues. “When we take the time to know what’s dear to their heart, it becomes an important thread for the family and unites them at the deepest level.”

Nicola Wealth helps clients do that in a number of ways. The Private Giving Foundation (PGF) is a unique philanthropy and financial planning tool that allows clients to give more during their highest earning years so they can enjoy seeing the value of their giving through the rest of their lifetime, without the stress of the logistics. “Nicola Wealth covers all of the administrative costs, all of the reporting that’s required and takes care of the bursary giving,” Valenzano explains. “It helps organize everything in a way that’s cost-effective.”

One example is Kathy’s Love of Literacy, which Valenzano set up through the PGF with family and friends to honour a friend who passed away. As well as offering the opportunity to showcase their literacy in front of their school and take part in a ceremony, it annually awards $2,500 to 25 Grade 8 students. “We wanted her legacy to stay alive by supporting her passion for literacy and storytelling,” he says.

With so much of the company’s focus on helping clients with philanthropy, Nicola Wealth is itself making a difference. As well as supporting various causes via its Nicola Wealth Gives Back program, it seeks to foster a culture of giving, in and out of the firm.

“At our core, Nicola Wealth’s roots are community involvement,” Valenzano says. “We have a charitable community that’s responsible for supporting all kinds of causes in communities across Canada. This year alone, we had over $1 million to give away to both large, national charities and local, individual ones.”

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