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Losing your hearing can be an isolating experience — but it doesn’t have to be. Great to Hear is empowering Vaughan residents like Assunta to overcome the challenges of hearing loss.

At 88 years young, Assunta Baratta first began to experience hearing loss several years ago. “At first, her hearing loss caused us to question her cognition” due to her frequent misunderstandings, explains Assunta’s son Frank. “Mom didn’t want to go out for fear of ridicule … one of us had to accompany her, which limited her independence.” 

That all changed in 2013 when they visited Great to Hear for a free consultation. The clinic’s sta “were and still are professional and caring,” Frank says, with “impeccable service” that makes Assunta feel special. Assunta was given hearing aids, a remote control and a Bluetooth device that streams sound from the TV directly to her hearing aids. She has used these devices for the past six years, and they “have improved her overall lifestyle and general health — we no longer need to raise our voices or repeat ourselves. She now participates in family discussion around the table,” Frank shares. No longer insecure for fear of giving a wrong answer, Assunta is “happier, more con dent and has better self-esteem.” Most importantly, she has been given back her independence.

“It is our responsibility to recognize signs of hearing loss that may be misinterpreted as cognitive issues for our loved ones,” Frank says. “And it costs nothing for a hearing test at Great to Hear.”

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“We are truly grateful to Ida, Clara and Kris for helping our mom and giving us the opportunity to fully enjoy her company again.”

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