Canaroma: From Showroom To Showpiece

With more than 40 years in the business, Canaroma Bath & Tile has just opened its new showroom and shows no sign of slowing down.

Canaroma began in July 1979, when brothers-in-law Frank Piacentini and Roy Mancini saw how showrooms in Italy were moving beyond the idea of displaying individual bathroom components, like faucets, sinks and showers, to presenting settings complete with an ensuite bathroom and powder room. Inspired by the concept and how much closer it brought people to the final product, they decided to bring the approach to Canada.

Since then, Canaroma has embedded itself in the design community, earning a reputation for its stunning range of products and commitment to customers. Its roots are so firmly embedded with its journey from Italy to North America that the name comes from a play on the words “Canada” and Italy’s capital, “Roma.” It’s a testament to the ethics and values the brand holds today and the approach it takes when it comes to business.

Headed by Piacentini and Mancini, alongside their sons, the business is family run, and the owners work hard to ensure that ethos runs throughout. “What we’ve instilled in our families is that we care for our business,” Piacentini says. “We have heart, hard work, honesty and respect. That’s what I look for when hiring people. I try to create that family environment.”

While Canaroma’s beginnings stretch back to the late 1970s, the products it stocks are the most modern and up-to-date and, with the company being originators in Canada when it comes to showing the bathroom as it would appear in the home, have a habit of staying ahead of the curve.

The new showroom is a testament to that. As well as being ideally situated in Toronto at 25 Torbarrie Rd., its 20,000 square feet showcase the variety of brands, fixtures and styles Canaroma has to offer. Whether it’s an extensive tile gallery, elaborate fixtures, a working water station, its Slab Hall, exclusive Versace boutique or vanities from around the world, there’s something for all tastes.

“It’s so elaborately done,” Mancini says. “It’s beautiful and shows the products really well. If you want to see faucets, there’s a faucet area. If you want to see sinks, there’s a sink area. We also have vignettes, so you can see complete bathrooms, with a shower, vanity, toilet and tiles,” Mancini continues. Where most showrooms include shower bases as they are, he describes how Canaroma goes to the next level, cutting its thin bases into the concrete itself, so viewers get a true sense of how it would appear in a real-life setting.

“From the moment you walk in the front door to when you pick up your product, we create the best experience for the customer,” Piacentini continues. While the product is a driving force of this experience, it also comes down to attention to detail, the family environment already mentioned and the expertise of the people working there.

For that reason, you’ll meet tile specialists and technical experts, and they’ll even connect you with installers, if that’s something you need. As Mancini says, “We have people who have been selling in our industry for years. All of our sales people are knowledgeable. It’s more than just selling a product at the best price.”

What also makes Canaroma so individual is its exclusivity. The establishment carries 12 international brands no one else does in Canada, including Baden Haus, Q’in and Sherle Wagner; as well as a wide range of other brands that are semi-exclusive. Canaroma also has the largest boutique in Canada for Dornbracht, Zucchetti and Fantini, and Versace floor and wall tiles.

All of these are curated from extensive research, trips to international shows and having a finger on the pulse of what’s new and upcoming. Canaroma Bath & Tile covers all sorts of different styles, colours and materials, whether that’s contemporary, traditional or something else entirely.

“You have to have passion to do it and really love it,” Mancini says. “After 40 years of doing this, I [still] love going to shows and looking at new products. When we first started, bathrooms in Canada were a room you just used. Today, people come into the home, and both the kitchen and bathroom are showpieces.”

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