Bryan Sloss: Forest Hill Real Estate Thornhill: ‘We Are Home’

In truly appreciating the home as the centre of family life, Forest Hill Real Estate is the expert at making a house a ‘home’.

There is a tangible feeling one gets when walking into a house and knowing it is a “home.” Homes are comfortable, grounded sanctuaries and the centre of family life, where memories are preserved and created. And in these unprecedented times, homes are more important to us now as our safe harbours than they have ever been before.

Bryan Sloss of Forest Hill Real Estate in Thornhill, Ont., understands this better than most. As a managing partner with extensive expertise and knowledge, he is a skilled veteran, putting clients first in offering personalized services to ensure whatever they are buying feels like home. And it is the theme of Forest Hill Real Estate’s new campaign, “We are Home,” to emphasize its continuing partnership approach when working with clients.

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“Any space you are in can be made to feel like a home,” says Sloss, who has two decades of real estate experience. “Now, people are wanting homes more than they are wanting a house.”

Forest Hill Real Estate is one of Canada’s largest and most respected full-service real estate brokerages, with more than 1,000 sales professionals in more than 40 branches across the country and with heavy representation in Ontario and throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Representing properties across the GTA, its pre-eminent position in the market was further underscored by its winning the Top Choice Luxury Real Estate Agency of Greater Toronto Area award in 2020.

During these challenging times, Forest Hill Real Estate is front and centre in providing guidance to its clients in how to navigate the real estate process in this new environment. In late May, a poll commissioned by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board showed home-buying intent in the GTA remains unchanged. But now, more than ever, people need an educated and knowledgeable salesperson.

“We can and have guided people through that process, as people need to know procedures for showing, listing, open houses or any interaction, and that is what we do,” says Sloss. “The real estate market has not stopped. It may take longer to sell, and the market now, more than ever, does not forgive an overpriced listing. We have our clients’ interests and safety in mind, and we are your guides through this new reality in the real estate market.”

Sloss entered the real estate business with his own brokerage firm, Great Spaces Realty Corporation, and his success has been measured by the high numbers of returning clients and referrals. It is here where Sloss is at the top of the business. “My life has been about managing, coaching, buying and selling of properties,” says Sloss. “It is a genuine interest. The most successful people in this business are the ones who actually enjoy what they’re doing.”

After about five years running his own company, Sloss partnered with Forest Hill Real Estate as one of its original managers — and has never looked back. “I love and respect this company, and appreciate the value of service that it stands upon,” says Sloss.

“Each branch has a boutique feel, yet has the resources of a very large company,” says Sloss in describing the benefits of Forest Hill Real Estate. “Corporate standards are maintained, which results in a much better product, whether you’re selling a half-a-million-dollar home or a $5-million home. Expectations are therefore very high, and our job is to deliver,” he says.

Its corporate philosophy is quite well-stated by what it calls “Our Purpose,” which guides everything the company does: “We are in business for you. We will do whatever it takes to make your selling and buying experience as stress free and successful as possible. For us, providing personalized service and attention is more than a policy. It is our core belief. Experience and knowledge are what we share. Professionalism and results are what we show.”

With his decades of experience, Sloss has seen many different real estate cycles and is able to quickly identify market changes quite early, to the benefit of his clients. “Buyers and sellers today are able to make more precise, intelligent and informed choices, so we can provide them with the correct information,” he says. “Our knowledge of the market is our professional responsibility, and the updated accurate information to which we have access is extremely important.”

Another market change Sloss has identified concerns a shift in lifestyles, and how some people are choosing to live. “People are choosing spaces which fi t them better,” he says. “They are making more precise decisions as to what fits their lifestyle, and what is more appropriately sized. Precise choice in a home purchase is a big change I am seeing.”

It is this considerable industry insight and business acumen that keep clients returning to Bryan Sloss and his experienced team at Forest Hill Real Estate Thornhill — whatever the market conditions. They remain committed and are here for you every step of the way in moving forward — especially in this current climate — to ensure your house is indeed your home.

7787 Yonge St., Unit 201, Thornhill, Ont.
905-709-1800 / 905-709-4752

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