Gupta Family Foundation Announces Solar Powered Schools In Africa

The Gupta Family Foundation recently announced its first project for 2021. In celebration of Shri Brahmrishi Gurudev ji’s birthday, the foundation will collaborate with the Simbi Foundation to construct solar-powered schools in Africa. The plan is to launch in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. With the assistance of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, four different schools will be built and improved across this settlement. These will be built and completed in the first half of 2021.

One of the Simbi Foundation’s latest ground-breaking solutions to enhance educational systems is the BrightBox — a remote, free-standing solar-powered classroom that was repurposed from a shipping container.

BrightBox classrooms have the ability to supply electricity and Internet to an entire rural region. As well, the classrooms have numerous laptops for the students to use. The classrooms have become a source of income for the region, since people can pay a minimal fee to charge their cell phones from the solar grid.

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The Simbi Foundation has also produced the Simbi Learning Cloud — a cloud-based educational system that permits content to be uploaded via the Internet.

The curriculum will also consist of teachings from Guru ji, which are all spiritual and remind the students of the significance of living a more joyful life. Reetu Gupta, president & CEO of The Gupta Family Foundation, says, “One of the most impactful teachings I learned from Guru ji is to live life with happiness, not for happiness.”

Suraj Grupta, chief strategy officer of The Gupta Family Foundation, is of the belief that one of the biggest obstacles schools in the developing world deal with is a shortage of access to technology. According to Suraj, “These BrightBox classrooms provide entire school complexes with laptops for student use, as well as a cloud-based educational system that can be updated very quickly, without any additional cost.”

The Bidibidi Refugee Settlement is the second-biggest settlement of its kind, with more than 280,000 residents, who had largely fled from South Sudan, due to the ongoing conflict in the country. The Gupta Family Foundation and the Simbi Foundation have been working alongside the United Nations to optimize the amount of students who will have access to education and technology in the region. “Over 24,000 students will be positively impacted by this initiative, and the revenue that this project will generate for the community can fund future BrightBoxes every few years.”

Steve Gupta founded the family foundation more than thirty years ago, assisting thousands of people through medical aid, disaster relief, clean water projects, and more. Reetu re-imagined and re-launched the Gupta Family Foundation in 2020. She has issued a new mandate to the foundation: equality and empowerment through education and the satisfaction of basic needs.

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