White Orchid Medical Spa

Home to one of the best luxurious facial and glow chemical peel treatments, Woodbridge’s White Orchid Medical Spa is the go-to place to achieve optimal healthy skin and rejuvenation. Headed by ever-passionate medical esthetician Jacqueline Sas, White Orchid’s objective is about customers reaching all their goals when it comes to skin care and treatment. “My vision was always to open something up [a medical spa] and give people that satisfaction, with something that I love to do every day,” Sas says. Two of White Orchid’s most prominent and effective skin treatment procedures are the aforementioned luxurious facial and glow chemical peel skin treatments. The luxurious facial consists of a facial and pressure point massages, as well as lymphatic drainage. White Orchid combines this treatment with high performing active ingredients. But one treatment that Sas is excited to offer her customers is the glow chemical peel. “The glow chemical peel is a wonderful treatment and it’s a clinical exfoliation. It’ll improve skin texture and firmness and at the same time, decrease the finalized end wrinkles.” Sas says that both treatments are “always loved” by her clients. She also offers laser hair removal and photofacials with a sharplight machine. Sas carries a medical grade skin-care line and also has a wide range of cleansers, moisturizers and specialized serums. At White Orchid, they’ve got you covered — literally.

White Orchid Medical Spa
7765 Kipling Ave., Woodbridge, Ont.

photos by carlos a. pinto

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