Stateview Homes: Powering Growth And Opportunity In York Region

Founded just 12 years ago, award-winning StateView Homes is now one of the region’s busiest home builders with aggressive expansion plans throughout southern Ontario.

Among the many advantages of living in York Region is its growth. Growth brings jobs, opportunities, possibilities, economic vitality and social engagement to live, work and play in a thriving urban environment.

One of the drivers of that growth is StateView Homes, one of the most respected homebuilders in the region. Founded in 2010 by brothers Carlo and Dino Taurasi, it has built many communities throughout the GTA with further expansion now planned for Ontario cities Barrie, Newmarket, Kleinburg, Brooklin and Stouffville.

City Life recently sat down with Carlo and Dino to discuss their business philosophy and the reasons behind the fi rm’s success and continued growth.

Q. What are StateView’s core values, and how have they evolved into what the company’s guiding principles are today?

Carlo: Our team is guided by the principles of performing with integrity, commitment, accountability, responsibility and experience. These are the foundations that make up our iCare Service Program, and we ensure these principles are carried throughout our business, from upper management through to our trades and site workers.

Q. StateView says it “aims to craft distinctive niche communities that answer to each homeowner’s individuality, design preferences and lifestyle aspirations.” How do you deliver on that?

Carlo: We try not to build cookie-cutter homes. When we are designing our homes, we take the approach that we would be designing these homes for us, for our families.

Dino: It also means adding in features that make your home better to live in through our Comfort+ and Harmony packages.

Our Team Is Guided By The Principles Of Performing With Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Responsibility And Experience.

Carlo Taurasi

Carlo: Harmony adds extra eco-friendly features to the home that makes it healthier to live in, more energy efficient, which is good for the environment, but also good for our homeowners because their bills are less expensive. We also have our own in-house architects, so, when our homeowners meet with their décor consultants, if they want structural changes, we have a team on hand who can facilitate that. Oftentimes, it’s like our homeowners are getting a completely custom home!

Q. Your company has received many awards over the years, including many BILD awards and from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in California. How satisfying is that?

Dino: Last year, our Enclave project in Kleinburg won Low-Rise Project of the Year at the BILD Awards, which was very rewarding because we know just how competitive the GTA market is, probably the most competitive in North America.

Carlo: NAHB, though, has a special significance for us, as we were up against the best-of-the-best across all of North America.

Dino: At the end of the day, however, what really matters is that our homeowners are happy with the home we provide.

Q. What are some of the upcoming projects you’re excited about in 2022 and beyond?

Carlo: Soon, we’ll be launching the Tesoro Collection, an exclusive community of just 12 50-foot singles on a private cul-de-sac in Kleinburg and, after that, we have Elia in Newmarket, which is a fantastic collection of 72 townhomes in the heart of the city.

Dino: Into the fall, we move out east to Brooklin and the first phase of a multiple-phase project of nearly 500 homes that will include a wide range of product, including back-to-back townhomes, traditional towns and singles, and then we move on to Stouffville, with a masterplanned community of townhomes and seven high-rise condos.

Q. Can you explain the passion behind your philanthropic work and why it’s important to show community support to such hospitals as SickKids and Johns Hopkins?

Carlo: We strongly believe in helping our communities and the people who live in them. Whether it’s supporting local community charities or events to helping on a larger scale, we like to do what we can.

Dino: StateView is a family, and we all have kids, which is why we are so committed to our continued support of SickKids, to whom we’ve donated more than $800,000 through various events, such as its ‘Get Loud’ campaign or its annual Bubble Hockey Tournament.

Carlo: My brother-in-law, Julian, who is also our director of sales, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) several years ago, so we have a very personal connection to MS4MS, which helps raise funds for research at Johns Hopkins. It’s not only our responsibility to give back and make the world a better place, but we’re also happy to do it.

Q. In your industry, there is the expression “good build.” What is the StateView definition of a good build?

Carlo: When we know that we’ve heavily vetted our plans to be the best they can be, and we see that reflected in the excitement our clients have. It’s when we plan to phase out a project, but it sells out in a few weeks because our clients love what they see. It’s when our clients spend hours with our décor team because they are building out the home of their dreams. It’s when we get emails and messages from our homeowners saying how happy they are with their home or the service or the site staff. These are all the things that constitute a good build for us.


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