Luisa Baldassarre: “Liquid Butt Lift” Is Now In Canada

At Woodbridge Cosmetic Clinic, the “Liquid Butt Lift” is the gold standard with this exclusive procedure. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain with hyaluronic acid injections.

It sounds too good to be true, but the first procedure of its kind in Canada can give you a real boost. Already known for Botox, filler, PRP, laser and plastic surgery consults, the Woodbridge Cosmetic Clinic, owned by Luisa Baldassarre, is the only clinic to offer the “Liquid Butt Lift”.

A certified cosmetic injectionist, Baldassarre graduated at the top of her class at CMU in 2013. She managed a plastic surgery clinic in Toronto for two decades and was the master injector and surgical assist in the operating room, which allowed her to excel in her career. Before this, she was a pharmaceuticals rep for Prollenium Medical Technologies, the first and only Canadian company to manufacture dermal fillers in Canada.

“I dreamed of opening a Canadian medical aesthetics clinic that would meet the highest standard of care in aesthetic medicine,” says Baldassarre. She left her job to do just that when the pandemic hit. She reached out to Dr. Omar Elahi (known as Dr. O.), who joined her, and now they both continue to learn new techniques with the hopes of exceeding patient expectations, while maintaining the highest standard of care.

Things fell into place in January 2020, when Baldassarre’s friend, Ario Khoshbin, the owner and CEO of Prollenium Medical Technologies, asked if Baldassarre would like to be involved, along with Dr. Sean Rice, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, in the launch of REVANESSE Contour XL, the first body filler. Baldassarre was very excited, and, with Dr. Rice joining forces with her, the clinic offers the “Liquid Butt Lift”, exclusively.

The “Liquid Butt Lift” is a hyaluronic acid used to augment the buttock and hip dips. It’s a one-time treatment with zero downtime and instant results. “It’s an amazing option for those who don’t want to undergo major surgery or the skinny girl that doesn’t have the fat to do a graft to the buttocks, or an older woman that just wants things up where they used to be or the young girls following the Kardashians’ trend,” says Baldassarre. And people are loving the results, with clients coming from all over the world.

Dr. O. and Dr. Rice share Baldassarre’s passion in advancing aesthetics techniques, optimizing patient results and providing the safest environment for patients, and they all are excited about this new chapter in their careers, which will fulfill their goals of providing premium aesthetic care in Canada. “As for the product itself, the dermal filler is approved from Health Canada,” says Baldassarre. “I have been using their product line for many years, and it is a product line I trust.”

“We were finally able to celebrate the procedure with a launch party recently,” says Baldassarre. All the proceeds will be donated to CAMH. It’s simply their way of giving back and supporting overall mental health for everyone.


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