Brookshore Homes: Custom Homes With Community Spirit

A family known for their deep familial loyalty and dedication to hard work, the Tiano family is a generational success and a well-respected name in the home-building industry.

If you were to look up the meanings of “determination” and “tenacity” in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, you might very well find a picture of Joe Tiano, supersized and bold.

“Our family was very poor,” says Tiano, president of Cassavia Estate Homes and Brookshore Homes. “My dad, Luigi, and my mom, Sestina, immigrated to Canada, broke and in debt, when they were 20 and 18, respectively. I was only six months old.”

Luigi, who worked as a labourer, eventually started his own contracting business, Goldstar General Contracting, over 40 years ago. He worked in the evenings and at nights doing renovations to keep his family afloat. Filled with a burning passion to be a home builder, Tiano followed in his father’s footsteps, leaving school in Grade 10 to work as a labourer for several GTA builders. Hardworking and driven, it wasn’t long before he’d started his own company, Cassavia Estate Homes. “I named the company in honour of a good friend of mine, Agostino Cassavia,” Tiano says. Strategically joining forces — a father-and-son team — Luigi closed his contracting company and came to work with his son at Cassavia Estate Homes.

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As a driven self-starter, with ambition to burn, Tiano was motivated to succeed by his childhood experiences — his family was poor, money was tight and there weren’t many opportunities to enjoy life’s little extras. “It also comes from knowing, understanding and being willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top,” Tiano says. “I let nothing come between me and my goals — absolutely nothing.”

As Tiano learned the building trade, he started to network with a wide and diverse range of people. His ambition and desire to get to the top was noted by a lot of people. Eventually, Tiano met one of the largest independent land developers in Ontario, Peter Cipriano, developer and CEO of Goldpark Group. “Over the last 18 years, I have been buying all of my land in the GTA area for Cassavia Homes through Peter. He continues to help me buy large areas of land to develop, which I am now doing with my son, Louie. We owe a lot of our success to Peter, who gave us the opportunity to purchase the land to develop and build our homes. And I’ve had the same tradespeople working for me for over 30 years.”

“Our Standards Are Other Builders’ Upgrades” — Joe Tiano

Cassavia Estate Homes, known for building non-cookie-cutter structures, has a driving buyer-centric mission, whose definitive motto is ‘From Our Family to Yours.’ “At the end of the day, we believe that a buyer’s home is theirs, not ours. As such, we customize the changes a buyer wants — we will move things, make adjustments — whatever the buyer wants — at no charge,” Tiano says. “Our standards are other builders’ upgrades.”

After 20 years operating under the Cassavia banner, Tiano, and his son, Louie, have partnered together to found Brookshore Homes Ltd., which will be launching at the end of October. “We reached the end of an era with Goldstar Contracting; we have now reached the end of an era for Cassavia Estate Homes,” Tiano says.

“What has always impressed me most about Joe is his passion, work ethic and love for the building community,” Cipriano says. “I am excited to watch as Joe and his son, Louie, begin their new journey together with Brookshore Homes Ltd. I offer them my full support and encouragement on their new journey.”

A family-oriented business, Rose Marchese, Tiano’s sister, works in the office, and on average, brother and sister both work 12 and 15 hours a day. In fact, Tiano works these hours seven days a week.

The spirit of community is important to Tiano, and for that reason, he customizes the homes he builds in Ontario to reflect the communities in which they are being built. “For example, in the Brampton community we’ve built and customized the homes to reflect the ethnic background of that city. In Vaughan, we are building homes that align with the majority ethnic community there,” Tiano says.

“My Legacy Is To Build Brookshore Into A Company That Will Be In The Family For Generations To Come” — Joe Tiano

Tiano speaks proudly of his three children, who are all entrepreneurs with their own businesses. Louie, Tiano’s partner at Brookshore Homes Ltd., also owns Core Athletic Clubs in King City, Ont. Tiano’s daughter, Alessandra, along with her husband, owns a dog grooming business in King City called All Dogged Up. And Erica, the youngest of Tiano’s three children, owns a hair salon, also in King City, called Central Hair Salon. “All of my kids are very hard-working, driven and determined. They were taught from an early age to work hard,” Tiano says.

Hard work, perseverance and a “be nice to everybody” approach are intrinsic core values for Tiano, who considers perseverance and dogged determination akin to breathing. In fact, humility and grit supersedes everything else for this passionate builder. “I will stop at nothing to actualize my goals,” he says. “After a development has been completed and all the sod has been laid, I enjoy taking a drive through the subdivision and revelling in what I see. I get my self-satisfaction from that.”

Brookshore Homes Ltd., which caters to the older generation, is in the midst of building a huge collection of bungalows, with lofts, in Kleinburg, Ont. “We decided to build communities for people who do not want to live in condos,” Tiano says. “With our bungalows, seniors have the opportunity to live on their own, on one level.”

With a strong commitment to helping those who cannot help themselves, Tiano is a dedicated champion and philanthropist for Sunnybrook Hospital, as well as for Parkinson’s.

“The Goldpark Group, led by Peter Cipriano, has donated $15 million to the Sunnybrook Hospital geriatric ward,” Tiano says. “Everybody forgets about the elderly.” Tiano is proud to be affiliated with Cipriano in helping raise money for Sunnybrook. “Giving back to Sunnybrook Hospital honours me, as they do so much for so many,” he says.

Tiano also has a personal connection to Parkinson’s disease. His father has Parkinson’s and his deceased mother-in-law also had it.

Looking toward the future, Tiano is excited and keen to see where his and Louie’s new ventures will take them.

“My legacy is to build Brookshore into a company that will be in the family for generations to come,” Tiano says. “I expect the future of Brookshore Homes Ltd. to be bright and successful. I have great visions for it. I also want to highlight that my family’s success is where it is today because of Peter Cipriano. I dedicate the future of Brookshore to him.”

71 Marycroft Ave. Woodbridge, Ont.

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